Got my car running and im tuning my idle right now (Just idle). The base map I had gave VE values between 30-40 in the idle range, and ive found that in order to idle comfortably, I need to run like 13-17 VE values....
  • The MegaSquirt 3 daughter card alone provides these features and more: VE and ignition tables are now both 16 x 16; 0.1% steps on VE table, 0.1 degree steps on ignition table; Socket for an onboard SD card – no laptop required for data logging (SD Card not included) Built in USB port; GM stepper IAC control; Closed loop idle and mixture control

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    If you’ve specified less timing below the target idle speed than you have at the idle speed, this often makes for an unstable idle as the ECU pulls timing while the idle speed falls. This can make a slight disturbance in idle RPM amplify itself into an idle speed that cycles up and down rapidly. Too much timing can be trouble.

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    To avoid changing the tables in the MegaSquirt code with EasyTherm, the bias resistors at R4 and R7 should have a value equal to that of the thermistor sensor you will be using when it is at 81° Fahrenheit, 27º Celsius. However, the preferred method is to use EasyTherm whenever possible.

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    MegaSquirt idle tuning tips. By Matt Cramer, June 23, 2011 in MegaSquirt. The Megamanual also suggest manually adjusting the VE table at the idle point to obtain the highest vaccuum. I found that manually adjusting VE values around the idle point had virtually no effect on the idle rpms and MAP...

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